A Sample List of Features

  • Track lot numbers and expiration dates for any item.
  • Automatically generate Purchase Orders (POs). A PO can be of the type Custom or ROP, (Reorder Point).
  • Easily review, update and reprint any PO.
  • Reports can selectively be saved to .pdf format.
  • An easy to maintain and access Want List for items to order.
  • Easily record shipments received.
  • Print a stock list with storage locations for each shipment.
  • Track back ordered items.
  • Easily access a list of vendors that includes customer ID, sales rep. name and phone, terms, street address, Internet address, tax percentage, etc.
  • Keep on file all equipment with make, serial #, model, purchase date and price, warranty, etc.
  • Track equipment problems and maintenance.
  • Create custom queries for the inventory & POs.
  • View all PO's for a selected vendor.
  • Generate reports such as the Quantity on Hand Report, Equipment Details Report, Cost of Stock Report, etc. All reports are previewed on the screen where you can choose to print more than one copy, print selected pages, etc.
  • Organize items by location (Refrig #1, Heme Frz #10, Cold Room, Central Supply, AP Lab, etc.)
  • Organize items by type (acid, bulk, disposable, kit, stationary, etc.)
  • Organize items into logical Groups.
  • Assemble items into Worklists for organized and rapid counting of inventory.
  • Worklists can be set up by rotation within the lab, by section (e.g., STAT), by instrument, etc.
  • Print bar code labels quickly and inexpensively.
  • Use a portable bar code scanner for accurate and fast counting of inventory.

And numerous other features designed specifically for the Clinical Laboratory.

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