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Label Printing and Bar Codes in InvMan

Utilizing Bar Codes in InvMan is achieved by 2 methods using the portable scanner - Opticon PX-20:

1. For any item in the InvMan database, a Bar Code label can be printed on a Dymo printer. InvMan uses the assigned, unique SKU to identify the item. This label can be placed on the item, or box, or shelf, etc. for this item for repeated scans of this item.

2. The second method of Bar Code scanning refers to bar code labels on vendor reagent/supply packaging.

InvMan can read either 1D or 2D bar codes on vendor labels which use the FDA mandated bar code formats of GS1 or HIBC. After first associating the Vendor item, any subsequent scan of that vendor label will allow InvMan to quickly identify the item.

Either method allows for rapid inventory processing in the laboratory. Both methods are described in detail in the online or printed manual. And we explain both methods in the web demo.



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